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10 Steps to Long Term Conflict Management.

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You are infuriated! The situation is out of control and you just don’t have time to deal with it right now. So what do you do?

Make a plan!

1. Schedule a time to discuss the situation allowing time for the problems to cool off; many things do not get completely settled in the heat of the moment. Choose a neutral location where you both can keep your bearings.

2. Identify the problem. Be calm and civilized with each other. What triggered the issue? Why does it bother you?

3. How did you each contribute to the problem? What did the other person say? What is your version of the story? Try to listen more than you talk.

4. Take ownership of your portion of the conflict. What did you do to cause this? Admit guilt if it is your fault.

5. Collaborate on possible solutions. What is the desired outcome of each person?

6. Discuss possible solutions and how each would fit into the equation.

7. Determine which solution best fits the situation and take action. Choose one resolution come to an agreement on how each individual will contribute toward this solution.

9. Follow up with another meeting to discuss your movement.

10. As each of you comes to a resolution, forgiving and forgetting; take the time for a handshake or a hug allowing growth and camaraderie through conflict resolution.

Do you have any other thoughts?
Are there some problems that just cannot be solved?

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