It’s selfish to help others!

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(Photo:Thomas Hawk)

You heard me right, IT IS SELFISH TO HELP OTHERS!

“Sure others gain from your help, but ultimately why are you helping others?”

It makes YOU feel good inside and really isn’t that what is all about; making YOU feel good? There are many theories out there about altruism, even seemingly selfless acts always have hidden motives whether you are aware of them or not. Ultimately it comes down to this, in some form or fashion you reap a reward for being kind to others. It may be:

  • It makes you feel good inside
  • It benefits your family
  • Guilt if you chose not help someone
  • An ego booster
  • Relieving yourself from the burden of societies pressure
  • A reward in heaven

No matter the case the reasoning is the same…SELFISHNESS!

“Leaders help others all the time, so is leadership selfish?”

ABSOLUTELY! What better feeling than to work hard, guide your team, achieve high success and see your vision come to fruition. Doesn’t that make you feel good? Teachers, some of the greatest leaders in society, do this every day. Ask any teacher why they chose that particular profession and you will find an overwhelming response. They teach because:

  • It is rewarding
  • There is a certain prestige and power associated with the position
  • It is an opportunity to mold the future
  • They get to ignite the fire and see the “aha!” moment as students overcome challenges
  • They get to see successes and what students become in life knowing they had affect on that student
  • There is a great feeling of accomplishment in teaching the unteachable
  • They get to share their love of learning with others
  • It allows them the opportunity to serve others and give back to the community
  • They get to spread their passion and virtues

“Now you know; does it make your quest as a leader any less meaningful?”

NO WAY! So what if it makes you feel good. Why shouldn’t you enjoy the experience of leading a team, helping others to accomplish a common goal. As you guide others you are shaping them for them for a better future. Everything you do influences them in one way or another. You have taken them in as an acorn, watched them sprout, growing into a seedling, eventually into a sapling and one day–a massive oak standing strong against the elements. You did that! With your optimism you helped them get where they are at and to where they are going.

Maybe it is selfish, but it sure does feel good!

Are you selfish, tell me how?

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