Who’s got time for that?

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(Photo: sea turtle)

It seems that no one has enough time these days to do the little things. They used to seem so easy and trivial like dropping a letter at the post office or shopping for groceries. Everything takes time. Fortunately this dilemma has been recognized and in this world of convenience there are many services built to help us save time.

It’s four o’clock, the end of the day is nearing and you notice you have failed to drop off the package needing to be delivered tomorrow. Never fear your global delivery service is here! FedEx and UPS both have pick up services which come to your location to collect the packages you would have otherwise spent YOUR TIME taking to them. The delivery convenience does not stop there, thanks to the ever faithful United States Postal Service you can also request a pick up beyond your daily mail service, buy stamps online and have them delivered to your home or office, and print out postage online for packages, all you need is a postage scale to calculate the weight. Most office supply stores will deliver materials directly to you without having to go to the store. Even FedEx Office will allow you to print from you computer to their store and will deliver it globally. You can even print to various locations across the country if you need to.

Are you supposed to pick up groceries and the dry cleaning on the way home? Don’t waste your time! Get in that extra hour of work by ordering your groceries online (Netgrocer or Peapod) and having them delivered directly to your home or office. This applies with dry cleaning too; only use the dry cleaner with delivery service to your home or office.

As a remote user you know how valuable time is and gaining time beyond the commute allows you to do the things you enjoy and spend time with your family and friends.

If you are not taking advantage of pickup and delivery services you are just wasting time.

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