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Stress Control

Monday, October 5, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

(Photo: Phil Hilfiker)

Music can play an important part in stress control. By listening to music you allow your mind an escape from tension forming as you move throughout your day. It can be any genre you like, just turn it on in the background and you will find as tough situations arise during the day you will be able to cut through them with ease.

Side Note: There are certain varieties of music I personally enjoy, however as I listen to them throughout my workday, I find they are too intense and cause me to be more aggravated. Instead of those genres I tend to stick to lighter tunes although they may not be my favorite to listen to. Keep an open mind, monitor how you feel throughout your day and you will find the genre of music to allow you a lower level of stress during your day.

Using music as a tool will allow you additional productivity otherwise lost to hours of stress caused today’s hectic work environments.

Don’t stress, decompress.

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