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This past year, in a conversation with the company management, a member of my team was told a decision made on a project has historically been a bad one. The idea had been mine and I could have kept quite and no one would have known the difference. Instead, I spoke up and said the idea was mine; I had lead the charge on it. The manager questioned my sanity for speaking up, but I explained to him I will always take credit for the good along with responsibility for the bad.

The next week my youngest son got in trouble from my wife for spilling his cereal all over the kitchen floor and my oldest son stood up and said, “Mom, it was not his fault, I made the mistake.” hearing this I stopped what I was doing, came out of my office and took the time to give him a high five and tell him what a great thing it was and how I was proud of him for taking responsibility for his actions. When you are a responsible person you are setting an example for others letting them know you will not abandon them in a time of need and you will be there to support them when the going gets rough.

Raise your hand and be responsible for your actions.

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