Just how important is this email anyway?

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At times when you are writing an email you will need to make sure to alert your reader to a time sensitive issue, make them aware of the confidentiality level or advise them on the height of importance. These are instances where you will need to use reminder flags, sensitivity and importance.

Reminders can be a very useful tool when you need to communicate timing or an action to your intended recipient, it can be found on top of your email and looks like a small red flag. By clicking on this you can indicate to your emails recipient if the item is something that you need to them to follow up on, if it is FYI, do they just need to read it, is a response necessary, should they forward to the appropriate party, or do they need to reply to you. With the use of this tool you can also set the timing required for a needed response or action

Sensitivity allows you to inform the reader if the information being communicated is normal, personal, private or confidential; it can be found by clicking the options button on your tool bar. This will assist you when communicating delicate information so the recipient understands the level of sensitivity.

Importance can be selected by clicking on the exclamation point on the tool bar or the options button where you can select the level of importance as low, normal, or high. Use this to inform your reader if the email is urgent or can take a lower priority.

Additionally, the options button allows you to utilize many other functions such as:
— Do not deliver the message before a certain date and time.
— Have send replies to other contacts.
— Notification of email delivery.
— Notification of email being opened or read.
— Voting buttons allowing you to take a quick poll of your readers and what their input is on a particular topic or decision to be made.

These features are not for use with every email, be sure to use them with discretion. Used properly they can assist you as you work remotely since they inform your recipients to the sensitivity and timeliness required of the particular topic. Abused they will discount your credibility.

Use email flags, importance and options buttons to communicate with readers.

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