Email in camouflage

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It is important to title your emails appropriately. Doing so will not only make it easier for your reader(s) to identify the subject matter, but it will also assist you when going back to find a specific email. If you are writing an email to a someone outside of your company start the Subject line with the name of your company followed by a colon and then the subject line (Company: Promotion – Labor Day). By labeling for clarity your recipients will be able to easily locate any email from you in their overloaded inbox and will immediately be able to determine the topic in question. If you are emailing within your organization use the same method; title the subject line with the name of your client or issue followed by the topic (Client A: Holiday Promotion – Needs Approval). As a remote user these type of labels will always assure your recipient is able to review emails at a glance and will assist you obtaining the needed response without the ability to walk over to their desk.

Provide a clearly formatted subject line.

(See also: Long drawn-out emails, Email without purpose, Who are you talking to anyway)

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