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Do you run into scheduling conflicts? Are you missing appointments?

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Time, time, every time! Let’s face it our schedules are busy if you are a parent managing your family or a business professional striving through each work day. With these busy schedules it is often difficult to manage our time effectively. Using an electronic calendar is a tremendous help allowing you to schedule every minute of your day ensuring there will be no overlaps. Usually you are allowed to categorize each item, color code it, label it, privatize it and add supporting content to he body of the appointment.

If you are on a network and able to collaborate calendars with others, you can set that 3 o’clock meeting knowing everyone will be available to attend.

If you have access to a calendar via your mobile device you will always know when things are coming up or if you need to make an appointment on the fly. If you don’t have access to Microsoft Outlook an alternate solution is Google Calendar for your computer and mobile device.

Use an online or electronic calendar for scheduling.

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