Don’t Multi-task!!!

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Why my ibook sometimes runs slowly by D & D.

(Photo: D & D)

What better topic to start this blog, than multitasking? Multi-tasking is the epitome of life’s static. You are trying to do multiple things at once and you are doing none of them well; your mind is cluttered and you lack focus. So what can you do to add clarity to your life?

SOFONO. Start One, Finish One, move on to the Next One. It is pretty self explanatory; you start a task and finish it prior to moving onto the next task. Why? When you multitask you only progress partially through multiple situations never allowing yourself to fully focus on ANY of them. To add to this, studies show it takes several minutes for you to recover the previous level of concentration you had prior to the disruption. When you SOFONO, you are able to accomplish more by staying on track and maintaining the mindset required by the task at hand. You also gain a feeling of motivation by checking things off your to do list as well as increasing your momentum while you progress throughout your day. Additionally, if you group like tasks, such as paying bills, you will gain productivity by remaining in a singular mindset until all similar tasks are complete.

You will accomplish more by completing tasks one at a time.

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