Are phone calls distracting you?

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In a previous post on multitasking we discussed SOFONO (Start One, Finish One, move on to the Next One) In conjunction with multitasking this concept also applies to phone calls; it means letting those calls go to voicemail and not allowing yourself the be diverted from your work. Don’t let yourself to be distracted by phone calls; usually it means you have to stop the task you are doing to start to start another one. This is not to say that you don’t want to help, it is just that you are making the most productive use of your time. When you complete your project, reach a stopping point, or take a scheduled break, allow yourself time to return those calls.

I understand there are times when urgent calls you are expecting come through; this is what caller ID is for. If there is a call you have been expecting or it is someone of importance to you, answer it. If the call can wait, let it wait, but return it in your scheduled time slot. All messages should be listened to and returned within 24 hours and preferably the same day.

Let calls go to voicemail and return calls promptly.

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