Disorganized business clutter.

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The key to getting organized is being able to easily locate data, files, and all the “stuff” in your life with very little search time. One strategy I use is to color code EVERYTHING! According to TAB Products Co LLC, “Using a color-coded filing method can reduce your retrieval time by 40% . . . . Reduce the risk of lost files . . . . Eliminate misfiles . . . . Increase . . . efficiency and productivity¹”

Start with your file folders, all of your files should be color coded in a way that meets your needs. One example is if you have multiple customers you deal with, assign each customer a color and only use that color folder assigned to each particular customer. Another example would be, if there different segments of the business that you interact with color code by each facet of the business. Now take it a step further; do you use note cards, sticky notes or legal pads to write down your thoughts – buy ones that are color coordinated with your folders by accounts. Take this into the “world-of-e” (e = electronics) and use the flags in your Microsoft Outlook email, task list, and notes. Color code each of these items to coordinate with your folders and notes to keep a consistent look across all media. Implementing these suggestions will allow you to easily and visually locate information tied to one customer or segment of the business that you are dealing with making you more efficient and giving you more time to do other things with your day.

Color code EVERYTHING!

1 TAB Products Co LLC. 2009. 05 September 2009 < http://www.tab.com/Products/ColorCoding.aspx>.

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